Black Girl Bliss (also known as BGB) is an educational platform dedicated to cultivating the spiritual, sexual, and self-care practices of Black millennial women through books, courses, and other content.

BGB embraces the wild and witchy nature of women in tune with themselves, their bodies, their spirits, their environments, and their universe, and encourages women to avail themselves of all the riches, resources, and support that the physical and spiritual realms provide in order to learn how to heal and become their most authentic selves. 

#JuicyJuju is the motto here at BGB - it is the name of our sisterhood and our (forthcoming) signature content.

We celebrate our sacred and secular intersections - we are regal and ratchet, hot and holy, divine, daring, and dauntless. We believe in our ability to manifest worlds of our desires and create lives that we love.


All press, partnership, and other inquiries can be addressed to hello@blackgirlbliss.com


Black Girl Bliss is a subsidiary of Eleven25, LLC, the first multi-platform online media company dedicated to creating content for the education, activism, personal development, and holistic wellness of Black women and femmes.