Minding My Magical Black Business: Where I've Been, What I'm Doing, and What's Coming

Minding My Magical Black Business | BlackGirlBliss.com

If you're a member of the Bliss List, then you know all the nitty gritty about the sabbatical I took from BGB. And if you're not on the list, obviously you're missing out. 

How many of you are familiar with Evelyn from the Internets? She's a YouTube personality who is HILARIOUS and often explains how she is/was/always will be "minding her magical black business". Being reminded of this from my sister's Facebook page, I figured this was the best title for this post. Because that's exactly what I've been doing. 

I took five months to literally mind my business. My personal business and BGB were what I decided required my attention and some changes needed to happen. Long story short, I decided to stop hiding myself and allowing people to convince me to exclude aspects of my life from my online community in order to get more likes or be more inclusive or gain more followers. 

That's not why I do any of this. 

I created BGB as my gift, my service to those who are looking for what I have to give. I am here for those looking to embrace all of themselves, to cultivate themselves, to celebrate themselves. I am here for black girls. I am here for sex and spirituality and self care. I am here to teach those who want to learn what I know and what I do best.

As I said in my email, you all deserve all of me. You have chosen to be part of the community I am creating, and for that alone I could not thank you enough. The least I could do is give you the most authentic content I can. And in my authenticity, I fully accept that I may lose some of you who aren't about the same life I'm about. And that's okay. Still love you, boo. But I'm tired of hiding, withholding, omitting, and playing it safe. Y'all 'bout to get this work, like it or not. 

So. BGB is about to get weird. Because I'm weird. I'm into weird shit.

Here's some of the weirdo, woo-woo, spiritually dope, magically delicious stuff you can look forward to when BGB returns:

  • Intuitive readings (Tarot, in particular but I'm practicing some new things as well.)

  • How-to's for all types of spiritual tools (sage, crystals, Florida water, cascarilla, seven-day candles, etc.)

  • Guides for making the most out of spiritual seasons (moon phases, solstices, equinoxes, retrogrades ....all that)

  • A series on all the strange things I try in my spare time (yoni pearls, Diva cups, mud masks, sun baths, and more)

Not into that? That's cool. You can go, I won't be mad. I'll see you around the interwebs, friend. 

Very into this? Awesome. Welcome, my fellow weirdo. 

So yeah. That's what you have to look forward to here at BGB. Excited for this new phase in my work and truly appreciate you sharing it with me.