She Tried It! My Adventures in the World of...Menstrual Cups

She Tried It! My Adventures in the World Of.....Menstrual Cups |

This one might get a little graphic. Oh well. We're friends, right?

It's no secret that women have been looking for alternatives to the pads and tampons we've always known due to the toxic ingredients that these products include.

Stores are picking up on this as well. There is a whole new crop of products in the aisle that used to only house the Always, Kotex, Tampax, etc. These new products claim to provide more sustainable, natural ways to help a woman through her monthly cycle. There are cloth pads, natural cotton tampons, and cute panties that double as pads. I was intrigued by the cups.

Why was I so intrigued? Because this was the only think they seemed foreign to me. How did it work? What did it do? And how many different types of cups did a girl really need?

I chose to experiment with the Soft Cups.

This flexible cup was to be inserted into the vagina to fit around the cervix to collect menstrual fluid. This particular brand guaranteed 12-hour protection and has disposable and reusable options. I went with the disposable option because I haven't quite figured out the logistics of reusing a menstrual cup. It is hypoallergenic and made without all the toxins that can come with plastics.

I did some internet research (which really means I watched YouTube videos) about women and their experiences with Soft Cups. Most often, women said they could wear it most of the day without changing, is sport/activity friendly, they couldn't feel it while wearing it, and some women even had sex with the cup inserted with no mess. This, my friends, could be a game changer.

The next time Aunt Flo came around, I was excited to try this new thing. The initial insertion was a little tricky. It takes just-right placement to make sure you don't experience any leaks. After washing my hands and unwrapping the cup, I pinched the sides as shown on the box and inserted the cup as far back as I could. Just as a precaution, I also used a panty liner. I'm so glad I did. Insertion definitely takes some practice to figure out how to get it in the best position. 

Once I got the hang of positioning, using the Soft Cup was comfortable and convenient. I didn't think about it too much, I couldn't feel it, and didn't have that tampon-induced anxiety of having to change the cup like clockwork.

I was never brave enough to wear the cup without a pantyliner but of course, I forgot to do so on the very day I wore a mostly white dress. On vacation. Easily one of the most terrifying moments of my life. I'd love to be able to tell you that it was all good and that my clothes remained intact. They did for the most part, but there was definitely some leakage. Luckily, it only resulted in a tiny, barely noticeable spot on the back of my dress.

Altogether, I think that the cups are a sensible alternative for pads and tampons, though I'd like to try some of the other options before I settle on "my" thing. Those period panties look interesting.


What do you think? Would you try it? Let me know!