Candles Are Cool But So Is Kale: On Practical Magic and How to Really Get What You Want in Life

Candles Are Cool But So Is Kale: On Practical Magic and How to Really Get What You Want in Life |

Here we are at the start of another new year. Many of us have written down resolutions for what we'd like to see happen and change in our lives over the next 365 days. Something about this time of year makes us determined, ambitious, and excited to tackle new challenges with the expectation to see the fruit of our labor before another new year rolls around.

Those of us who employ the use of energy and spirit work to guide and enhance our lives know that we have the power to make anything happen. Literally. Anything we want, we know that we can manifest it. However, it is easy to think that all you need to do is "set your intentions" or pray and visualize our goal for all our dreams to come true. 

We have to remember that good magic is practical magic. Whatever you do to petition and commune with your divine in order to co-create your experience (I call that magic, you call it whatever you want), it has to be followed up with action.


We cannot sit around and wait for what we want to fall into our laps. We must take action. We must follow our intuition, our internal guidance that leads us toward the perfect people, places, and things for our magic to manifest. 

Let's use the example of losing weight. After setting your intentions, visualizing your goals, affirming health and success over yourself, burning candles to simulate the energy of "melting away" the fat and transforming into the highest vision you have for yourself, finding crystals that are said to help you "release" and "focus", saving pictures of your #bodygoals to Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration......then what? 

Do you sit around waiting for your waist to snatch itself? No! You get off your ass and you eat some greens! You clean out the junk food in the kitchen, make a grocery store trip with a list of healthy foods you enjoy, consider meal prepping to stay prepared, buy a new water bottle and workout gear, find a gym, a trainer, or an accountability buddy, and you get to work! You stay consistent, you work your ass off (literally) and you watch how quickly and easily everything you desired to see in yourself becomes a reality. 

This applies to everything you say you want this year, next year, and forever. You cannot wish and hope and dream your way into meeting your goals. 

Success requires the combination of mental, physical, and spiritual efforts. You won't get very far with just one or the other. Set the vision, decide that this is what you want, put your energy into the manifestation of the goal and then GET TO WORK

You will be amazed at what you can accomplish.