Conscious Sex, Part Two: Manifesting with Sexual Energy

Here we are, back at it again with another conversation about conscious sex. You may recall that we started this in Part One talking about the exchange of energy between you and your sexual partners and how we all need to be practicing conscious sexual responsibility. 

In Part Two, I want you to understand not only that sexual energy exists and is transferrable but that the sexual energy manifests all kinds of things...babies, trauma, all depends on the intention. 


Here's how to manifest your desires with sexual energy

First, you need to set your intention. Decide what you want to focus on. Try to focus on the most pleasurable thing you know you want, whatever that might be for you. If you are not intentional about what you are focusing upon, you are likely to manifest whatever is strongest in your conscious or subconscious, which could be ANYTHING if you're not intentional about where your attention/intention is going. 

Understand that this can be done with or without partner - tell your partner what you're doing if you trust them to support and nurture your desires. If you don't trust them or it makes you self-conscious to share what you're manifesting with your partner, then don't. 

When you have that turned-on feeling rising up in you, this is a good time to start visualizing. The same feelings of pleasure you are having will feel quite similar to the pleasure of having what you want (because energy is energy and pleasure is pleasure, sexual or otherwise).

The goal is to "feel the feeling" of what you want in the moment where you notice that sexual energy rising. Instead of thinking "it would feel so good to (have sex/masturbate) right now" you can use that same energy to think "it would feel so good to (insert goal here)". 

The next thing you want to do is increase that energy. "Where attention/intention goes, energy flows" You want to "charge up" your desires with this infusion of energy, putting more power behind your ability to draw to you all the aspects necessary for you to align with your manifestation. You want to keep your goal high in mind the entire time you're going from turned-on to orgasm. It takes A LOT of practice and intentional focus to keep your mind on your desire while in the throes of pleasure. Practice makes perfect!

The final thing to do is to let your desire go, send it out to the Universe to allow the Divine to pull together the perfect path for you. How do you do this? By orgasm, of course! By expressing all of that energy in the form of orgasm, you literally and symbolically release your charged-up desires to the universe. Right before, during (if you're REALLY focused), and/or after orgasm, you can give one big THANK YOU for your desire and as you come down (haha, "come") and settle into that serene, post-O feeling, feel confident and have faith that it's done. Your desires have been signed, sealed and delivered to the Divine. 

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