Daily Rituals: Practical Routines for Morning, Noon, and Night

Daily Rituals: Practical Routines for Morning, Noon, and Night | BlackGirlBliss.com

Here's another highly requested topic: routines and rituals. It seems that many people want guidance on how to go throughout their day with ease and purpose.

Wondering where all your time goes throughout the day and why you can't seem to get anything done? This is probably because you don't have the proper routines in place.

Committing to daily routines (but not so tightly that you're unreasonable) is a way to live intentionally. On purpose. You know exactly what you're doing and why you're doing it. Conducting your ritual out in the open, every single day.


Ritual connects you to your highest self, eases the anxious mind so that you can access clarity and creativity, and prepares the body for service by providing sustenance and motivation. 


This is #GrownAssSelfCare. This is the type of self-care that's going to make sure you're doing what you need to do so that you can be the best version of yourself every single day. You have the power to set the tone for your life through routines.

Once your routines become second nature to you, you free up space and time to be productive and intentional throughout the rest of your day.

Listed below are things you can incorporate into each part of your day that will inevitably make your day better, more intentional. No more flying by the seat of your pants all week long!

This list assumes that you begin your day in the morning and end it in the evening, but if your schedule is different, flip this around to make it make sense for you.



Be silent. Take a moment to center yourself and prepare yourself for the day. Pray, meditate, or set your intentions for the day ahead. This is also a good time for reading spiritual texts or personal development books.

Hydrate yourself. You've just slept for hours and your body is in need of water. Drink a cup or two of water to refresh yourself and get all your organs moving the way that they should. Water also helps you think clearly and not feel so groggy as you start your day.

Affirmations can help you remember who you are and what you believe. Speaking positive phrases like "I am creative" or "I am productive" over yourself can help to manifest these positive things into your day and into your life. 

Eat something. Your body is coming out of hours of sleep and needs energy to function. If you're a breakfast skipper or a "I'm not hungry in the mornings" person, go for something light like tea or coffee with fruit, yogurt, and granola. Carb-heavy breakfasts like pancakes, bagels, and muffins can actually make you more tired after you eat them because these foods spike your blood sugar and then you crash around mid morning. It's up to you, but have something so you can function properly. 

Wear the things that make you feel good and reflect who you are. It is tempting to throw on whatever is clean and comfortable, but you know how attractive and confident you feel when you know you look amazing. Why not put that effort in every day?

Do the thing you are least looking forward to doing. If theres something that you've been dreading or something you've been putting off and should have been done forever ago, do it in the morning. The morning is when you are at maximum brain and body capacity because you haven't done anything yet. This is the perfect time to exercise if you hate it, or knock the biggest task off your to-do list. 

Morning is also a great time to do your most creative work, so try to tackle something that requires a lot of thought and brainpower during this time. 



Stand if you've been sitting. Sit if you've been standing. Make your body move and shake up that midday slump. A change of pace (literally) can refresh you for the next half of your day. This is a good time to go outdoors and take a walk if possible. If not, walk around where you are. 

Eat something. Your breakfast energy has worn off and it's time to re-up for the next part of the day. Eating a larger meal around now will give you the calories and energy you need to be sustained until dinner time.

Drink water if you haven't had any since the morning. Water wakes up your cells and refreshes your brain. Making decisions and trying to think while dehydrated is never a good idea.

Do a brain dump if you've had a lot going on in your mind and you're feeling overwhelmed trying to think about what you're doing, what you did, what you need to do, etc. Grab a journal or the notes app on your phone and get all of that out of your brain so you can move on.

Take care of the things that don't require much thought. This is the perfect time to go through emails and do other mindless tasks that don't require you to think about what your doing or create anything. 



Reflect on your day. Do not dwell on things, but instead make peace with them. Consider what went well and what you'd like to change or do differently the next day. 

Cleanse your body and your space. Take a shower or bath, wash your face, and make sure your home or living space is clean and things are put in their proper places. You'd be surprised at how much more relaxed you become when you know that nothing will be waiting for your attention as soon as wake up.

Disengage and wind down. Turn off anything with a screen so that your brain can adjust to not being stimulated. It's okay to be bored! It's okay to sit with your thoughts. Leave thoughts about what you need to do tomorrow. Leave work at work. Don't worry about what you're missing on social media, it will be there in the morning. If you're not quite tired, read a book, talk to a friend or partner, keep the lights dim while you meditate or just breathe deeply. 

Now can also be a time to revisit hydrating and affirming routines before bed.

Get comfortable. Make sure you're not wearing anything restrictive. Try to make sure the room is the perfect temperature for you to sleep. 

Set alarms. Check and double check. You just don't want any problems. 

You should try to go to sleep and wake at the same time as often as possible, as this will make your routines easier to stick to. 


Bonus: Weekly/Weekend Rituals

Keep your weekly schedule. When you spend two or more days doing something completely different than what you do during the week, you'll be less likely to stick to your routines. 

Clean house. This is the perfect time to do a deep clean in your space so that things are in their places for the week ahead. 

Basic self-care. The weekend is great for doing your facials, mani/pedis, bubble baths, and other practices that make you feel human again. 

Prepare food if you know that cooking during the week is just no possible. Elaborate meal prepping sessions a-la-Instagram are cute and all, but not always realistic. Something as simple as grocery shopping, prepping ingredients to be cooked later or putting snacks into bags that you can grab and go. 

Find pleasure in something you like to do that you may not get to during the week. Hobbies, events, brunch, and other fun things help you make sure that you actually have a life outside of your day-to-day existence.