She Tried It! My Adventures in the World of...Going Braless

She Tried It! My Adventures in the World of...Going Braless |

I hate bras.

If I had known back in third grade that those cute little training bras I begged for would precede a life of under-wire, tight bands, drooping straps, and too much damn money, I might have held off a little longer.

If you haven't been able to tell already, I research and read a lot. Especially on topics that I feel would make my life a little bit better or keep me here on earth just a little while longer. I was struggling to fit in a bra one day, which made me wonder if all this trouble was really necessary. Now I am a member of the Big Titty Committee, so I always thought that bras were just a must for me. But I was tired of spilling over cups and bands cutting into my side and debating on whether or not to put gas in the car or buy a new bra (because the bigger the boob the mosre expensive the bra). So naturally, I went on an internet search for bras and why we wear them. I found so many articles on why bras are bad for your boobs.

*insert hand-on-chin thinking meme here*

So here I am reading about how bras are unnatural and the round-perky-breast aesthetic is specifically for male consumption, and I have the idea that I don't HAVE to wear a bra. For some reason this never occurred to me before, but all of a sudden it made perfect sense. Upon more research, I realized that the breast sits on a chest muscle. And just like a muscle in our arm or leg would get weak and atrophy if we didn't use it, our breast droop and sag because we have never let the chest muscle actually work. I found that if we worked to build up that muscle with workouts and allowing the weight of my breast strengthen that chest muscle, these D-cups would sit up as they NATURALLY should (not like they were in a bra, though. That's unnatural.)

You know what I did next. Duh. It's the title of this post. I stopped wearing a bra.

It was a little strange at first. I felt like my boobs were jiggling all over the place and that everyone would know I wasn't wearing a bra. Another one of those moments where I have to remind myself that we don't care what people think. If I get cold and folks see a nipple or what? Unless they're trying to date me they shouldn't be looking there anyway. So. I did 50 push-ups every other day and only wore a tank top or cami when I was wearing something sheer.

After a few weeks, I notice that my breast were much more firm, they didn't jiggle as much, and my boobs looked just fine under my clothes without a bra. I would amaze people who complained about their bras when I mentioned I stopped wearing them. Each time I'd get a wide-eyed stare and then would watch their eyes move down to my chest while they remark on how perky my boobs look and how they "would have never known" I wasn't wearing a bra. I just smile knowing I represent for the big-boobed girls of the world. It's not just the A and B-cups that get the freedom of being braless.

What do you think? Will you set the girls free? Let me know!