Is Your House Haunted? 12 Ways to Tell if You've Got Company and UOENO


Being home alone can be one of the most terrifying experiences in a person's life, especially if they're young, and especially after the sun has gone down. Every living space has it's sounds and you've probably have heard people explain these sounds away with perfectly rational reasons for these bumps in the night; the house is settling, the neighbors upstairs are bumbling around, it's just the wind, the water heater, etc. What about those sounds you can't explain? What do you say when something falls over, or a door slams, or you thought you saw something move out of the corner of your eye? Most people do one of two things: start questioning their sanity or start wondering if they may have some supernatural houseguests.

Two facts that may make you feel better (or worse) about wondering if you have unannounced visitors occupying your space: One, a lot of strange things happen that we can perceive with our senses that have perfectly normal, albeit strange, explanations. Two, very rarely does a home occupied by people not have some sort of energy or energetic beings cohabiting with the live folks inside.

What we call "haunting" can be defined as a non-physical entity manifesting itself in a place. That manifestation can be in the form of sounds, physical movements or activity, sensations, thoughts, behaviors, and sometimes actual sightings of figures. Maybe someone passed away in the home, or you have ancestors that you have invited into your home, or someone brings a weird energy into your house, but something feels off and weird stuff is going on.

So is your house haunted? Or are you just trippin? Here's 12 ways to tell if you've got ghosts hanging out at your crib:

  • Dark, negative emotions in certain areas of the house.

  • Lights or electronics turning on or off without being touched.

  • Lights dimming or flickering and electronics malfunctioning without reason

  • Hearing unexplainable whispers, cries, conversations, laughter, or someone calling your name.

  • Your pets behave strangely, staring at one area at something you can't see, barking or hissing at seemingly nothing, or refusing to go near a certain area or object.

  • Hearing things fall or slam but there's nothing out of order when you go to check.

  • Feeling cold in certain areas like walking through a cloud or feeling a cold breeze like someone walking past you.

  • Seeing shadows or mist-like figures out of the corner of your eye.

  • Feeling like someone is watching you, standing near you, or touching you.

  • Hearing footsteps, knocks, banging on walls, and other unexplainable sounds.

  • Objects disappearing and reappearing, especially reappearing in places that seem odd or out of place.

  • Smelling certain scents that are distinctly different or strange in that area and the origin cannot be located.

Quite a few of these looking familiar? You might have some visitors, boo. But don't panic! Most spirits do not want to hurt you, they just want to be acknowledged. The phenomena they cause are simply to get your attention.

So what can you do if you think your home is haunted?

Think about if you have done anything to invite spirits into your home. For example, if you have been engaging with your ancestors, then the happenings in your home could just be their way of letting you know they're close.

If these are ancestors or spirits you have invited or don't mind having around, create a place for them in your home that can be "their" place and they can stop walking all over the place. The easiest way to do this is to light a white candle and fill a glass with water and put it in a place that will not be disturbed. Let your spirits know that this is their space and that they may congregate there in that space dedicated to them. Make sure the space is cleaned before dedicating it to them (you don't want to make anyone angry!)

Light a black candle and a white candle in your home. Pray or speak to the energy in your home, commanding all negative or harmful energy to leave your space and that positivity and peace replace all darkness in your space. Let the candles burn out.

Cleanse your home from top to bottom, from back to front. Wash walls and floors with products like Florida Water or Ammonia, burn incense and sage from the back to the front of your home, letting the smoke float into corners. Play uplifting music, ring bells, clap loudly, or anything else that will affect the sound energy in the space. Make your intentions for the type of energy you want to inhabit that space. 

If you are still experiencing frightening phenomena, feel unsafe, or are experiencing physical assaults such as scratches or shoves from non-physical entities, you will want to consult a professional who is experienced in how to drive out negativity and spiritually cleanse a home.


Good luck!