She Tried It! My Adventures in the World of...Lemon Deodorant


In this new year, I've committed to finding more natural and non-toxic ways of being and living. So, of course, I plan to share my adventures with you. Ready to get real close and personal??

My first adventure started at the end of last year. I have always, ALWAYS, had issues with finding deodorant that could handle my B.O. (TMI? Oh well. It's only going to get worse.)

Between my B.O. and my fear of anything reported to cause cancer (the link between breast cancer and ingredients in deodorant is terrifying) I have tried every brand of deodorant (for men and women), every DIY I saw on Pinterest, everything at Whole Foods that said "natural" and "nontoxic" and whatever else that sounded good. I've been wearing deodorant since maybe the fourth grade. Everything made me itch or made me smell worse. Some even turned my armpits black and swollen from irritation.

I was tired of itching and smelling like a goat. Then, as synchronicity would have it, I met a girl last year who happened to mention she didn't use deodorant. I'm certain I looked at her like she was crazy, but she explained that she rubbed lemon slices under her arms every other day and she didn't smell.

Lemon slices? Every OTHER day? What kind of crunchy-hippie-foolishness?

But I was desperate, so I bought lemons and figured I didn't have much to lose. I sliced lemons and put them in a special marked bag (because no one wants armpit lemonade). I rubbed a slice under my arms after a shower and went to bed.

I lie to you not, I did not smell for over 48 hours. It was still fairly warm outside when I tried this, and I work with children, so I don't have a sit-still-for-8-hours type of job. I was AMAZED. Even after 48 hours the smell wasn't strong at all. I found out that lemon juice kills the bacteria that causes armpit odor and the more you use it the less the bacteria grows. FASCINATING. I've been faithful to it ever since. I even noticed that when I had to use a regular store deodorant (I use Dove in a pinch or when I'm traveling and can't bring lemons) it was much more effective now.

I absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a natural solution to B.O. I will say that you should wait 48-72 hours between applications because the lemon juice could (mildly) irritate the skin. And as an awesome side-effect, lemon juice lightens hyper-pigmentation in the skin. No more dark pits!

What do you think? Would you try it? Let me know!