Real Magical Black Girls - Featuring La Tetra Metts-Owens of Aliwaza's

March is Magical Black Girl Month here at Black Girl Bliss! This month, I wanted to feature real magical black girls - wise, wild, witchy, and unapologetic about their melanated magic.
Each lady featured will answer seven questions that illustrate their personal journey to their spiritual paths and what it means to be a magical black girl!

This month's first feature is of La Tetra Metts-Owens, Founder and CEO of She Dreams LLC.


La Tetra says: She Dreams creates opportunities for women to do what they love. I am my first client.  I am also the founder of Aliwaza's, an all inclusive, unpretentious, approachable, magical store. Find me at @aliwazas and @latetrao on Instagram, and La Tetra O on YouTube.

What is your typical day-today practice. How do you begin each day? Do you do anything to connect with spirit throughout the day? How do you end your day?

As I type the answer to this question, it is 4:30am. I just woke up, stretched and set intentions for the day. After, that I run straight to my phone, comb through emails/texts/Facebook/Instagram and prioritize my tasks for the day. Connecting with spirit throughout the day. Hmmm. It's kind of funny. I feel most spiritually connected when I am empathizing with others. This could mean anything from getting lost in the stories told on the face of metro riders, to imagining the setup of a coworker's home as they tell me about their evening. As spiritual as that makes me feel, I end my day by standing in the shower. Sometimes I'm not bathing. Just standing there imagining the 18-hour day leave my body and escape with the water.



Have you noticed that your commitment to your spiritual path has impacted other aspects of your life? (ex. health, mental state, sexuality, etc.)

Absolutely! I've seen a lot of shit with my eyes closed. It makes me a more open minded person. Anything is possible. 


Walk me through the journey that you went through to get to where you are today. What was the first thing you did? Next?

Once I found out that I was multitalented and  multifarious in general, I became obsessed with finding a career in which I could use all of my talents. When I am not creating, I am dying. Unfortunately, that career doesn't exist in a format that guarantees me a check every two weeks. One day I decided to stop whining about all of the things I wanted. I took my last $200 and bought some supplies and started crafting. The journey from that day to this very moment has just been one long petition to the gods. They've been carrying me. Since then, I've had multiple living situations, a couple heartbreaks and a host of other rocks thrown at me.


If a younger person walked up to you asking for your advice on finding their spiritual path or connection, and you only had a few minutes to give them your best tip, what would it be?

Keep seeking. The path may not be spread before you. Sometimes you have to turn around, look at the path you've created and give yourself turn by turn directions based on where you've been.


Top three spiritual tools you think every magical person should have and use on the regular basis.

An open heart. An open mind. The ability to fast.


How do you deal with people who may be close to you who think negatively or say negative things about your beliefs and practice?

It's hard, ya know. I kind of live in my own bubble where there is no room for people who have negative things to say about anything I do. I never really talk about it with people. Not even in the context of my business. My spouse knows for sure that I'm on some top level magic stuff (lol) and he's okay. My mother and brother are interested. My friends are like-minded.


What does it mean to be a magical black woman?

Oh, baby! It's something that a woman just knows. And once that woman knows it, you can see it in her eyes. You may not know what makes her black self so magical, but you know she's magic...because she knows she magic.


Hope you enjoyed this! Stay tuned for next week's feature!