Magical Black Girls You Should Follow On Instagram


Is your Instagram feed looking a little dry? 

It can be hard to find new accounts to follow that will give you life and don't make you want to unfollow within a couple minutes. This post should help just a little bit. 


Here are 14 of my favorite Instagram profiles that are just oozing black-girl-magical-excellence-and-awesomeness. These ladies are real people with real knowledge, inspiration, and beauty to share. Check them out below!

@lalahdelia is your super-gorgeous spiritual godmother.

Ms. Lalah is good for delivering a message that speaks to your soul. Not to mention her beautiful photography. Oh, and don't try to guess her age. You will be wrong. 

Release what's on your heart, mind and spirit onto paper. Writing/journaling is an ethereal meditation.

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@erynamelism is giving Black-bruja-unapologetic-realness and you will deal.

Her #honestmotherhood and sweet-faced baby boy will warm your heart. 


@afrosexology is your one-stop shop for sex-positive Black art and sex ed for grown ups. 

If you thought you learned all you need to know about sex in high school, you wrong. The lovely ladies behind Afrosexology have created a space to discover, liberate, and empower Black sexuality. 


@thebazaarbohemian is all the Black boho goodness you've been longing for.

Earth tones and tribal patterns abound in all these photos. Get some inspo for your space and your wardrobe.


@sophia_roe makes magic happen with plants. Seriously. 

Her gorgeously delicious photos will make you seriously consider being vegan, if only for the pretty colors in your kitchen. 


@ninawellness will help you gather your life on a physical and spiritual level. 

Lana is a spiritual advisor, a wellness consultant, and looks damn good while she does it!


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@breewylde gives the girls amazing and unique jewelry, vintage fashions, and keeps it so very real.

This creative queen calls it like she sees it and shoots straight from the hip. 


@xodvf charms hearts with her worldly aesthetic. 

This DC-based curator of all things vintage has a distinct style and celebrates her black womanhood to the fullest. 

“the word “art” is something the west has never understood. art is supposed to be a part of a community. like, scholars are supposed to be a part of a community… art is to decorate people’s houses, their skin, their clothes, to make them expand their minds, and it’s supposed to be right in the community, where they can have it when they want it… it's supposed to be as essential as a grocery store… that’s the only way art can function naturally.” - amiri baraka // many thanks to artist giselle buchanan @vishuddha for digesting in the goodness that is @nomadyard. a new york resident, she listed #nomadyard as a must visit while in dc. and what was to be a quick visit became a 3 hour holistic experience. we talked ownership of self, i drooled at her amazing textile art, and we sipped tea + coconut water as she explored our space. hers is the affirmation we need to know that we are a needed. that we fill a void - people are whole and the businesses that support them must be holistic. as we continue to fight to remain a part of the noma/ivy city #northeast #dc community- we will continue to define art for those who lack true innerstanding + understanding. for those who don't know the value of spaces like ours, we will reiterate. reiterate. reiterate. we are much more than another retail store, we are inspired by and shaped by the community in which we exist. we feed and receive. a space where the lost value of reciprocation is intrinsic. and we will not be moved. #nomadyard #bestofdc #xodvf #iamanartistandimsensitiveaboutmyish #quote #amiribaraka #iwillnotbemoved #agentrifieddc @agentrifieddc

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@currentlyelise is creating art inspired by black women. 

Elise creates collages that portray your faves like you've never seen them before. 

Special thanks to @sincerelytommy_ for such an amazing run with Black Folk. 💌 #blackfolk

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@beadsbyaree creates art that you can wear. 

Areeayl creates jewelry and clothing that appeals to quirky black girls everywhere. 

❤️ ; "Mada" ring 🍍

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@artistameshia provides your spiritual guidance with a whole lotta earthy bling. 

Ameshia creates incredible gemstone jewelry as well as giving you all the real black girl magic you need.


@zenissweetpenus will make you want to go out and buy lipstick in every color. 

This quirky and sex-positive poet shares her life and loves through photos and words. 

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@latetra_shanea cares about your vagina and wishes you did, too. 

Ask her about crystals, waist beads, and natural hair. Oh, and all things punanny-related. 


@wanderlustmyway will give you major travel envy. 

Monique finds amazing places to go (for the low!) both in and outside of the US and captures beautiful photos of all her wandering. 


Is there anyone you would at to this list? Share your faves in the comments!