"Not Today, Satan!" Starter Kit: 9 Ways to Rid Yourself + Your Space of Bad Vibes

Protect Your Neck: Everything You Need to Rid Yourself + Your Space of Negativity | BlackGirlBliss.com

You feel it. Something feels....off. Like you walk into a cloud of negativity or you just don't feel like yourself. 


You don't have to be a practitioner of any SPECIFIC magic/religious system, but you need to know how to protect yourself, your space, and your magic.


As a spiritually-inclined individual, you should be regularly cleansing and protecting your space, infusing positive intention both inside and outside of yourself.


This list is by no means exhaustive. People all over the world have their own ways and means of doing this, and new methods are inspired everyday. This starter kit outlines easy, accessible, least expensive and most common ways of clearing space and shifting energy.


How do you know when you've run into some bad vibes?

  • Have a sudden negative feeling or feel down upon engaging with certain individuals (especially if you touch them in any way - hug, kiss, handshake, etc.)

  • Invite people into your home and when they leave, the space feels dense or heavy, you have feeling of dread or anxiety that is unusual for you, or the people who permanently reside in your home are suddenly feeling or behaving negatively (sad, angry, bad attitude, fighting/arguing, etc.)

  • Feeling drained of your energy after being with certain people.

  • Sudden onslaught of negative events in your life, especially in your home or a space where you spend a lot of time.

  • Unexplained illness or physical symptoms (headaches, body pains, nausea, chills, etc.) in yourself or residents of your home.

  • You work or engage closely with troubled people - sick, addicted, imbalanced, dysfunctional, etc.

  • You engage with people who only talk about themselves, constantly complain, frequent criticism/attempted control of you or other people (gossip), invade privacy, are manipulative, play victim, or fixate on negative or disturbing topics.


I've outlined here ways that I've used to keep my space clear and positive. Everything stated below are simply suggestions. Feel free to take what resonates and leave what doesn't, and truly make it your own. What matters most in all of these is the energy and intention behind the action. None of these objects or activities mean anything without the belief that they will aid in your endeavor. 


Here are some of the easiest ways to get rid of negativity:


The first step after realizing that something is just not right is acknowledging that the negativity is not welcome and setting the intention to clear out the funk. You can speak out loud, sending that energy out into the space, stating that anything that residing in the space that is not of the highest good of all to exit immediately, never to return again, across all time, space, and dimension. Or something like that. Say what feels natural to you.



As the great philosopher Drake once said, "The power of the mind is not a joke." This is the attitude to have when using your mind to create your reality. You can use visualization to help dispel negativity in your space. Here's an example: Imagine a white light in your mind. See it pouring down from the sky into the top of your head. See this light flowing from the top of your head down to your feet and down your arms towards each hand. Once you envision this light filling your entire body, picture the light coming out of your hands into the space you wish to clear. Direct this light from floor to ceiling, until the entire space is covered. 



Sage is a plant that is typically bundled and dried to create smudge wands. You can find these at any health food store or occult shop. Light the sage, allow it to burn for a few seconds, then blow it out. The smoke is said to have healing properties and the ability to clear bad vibes out of any place. Walk the sage around the room, allowing the smoke to rise up into corners and float down to the floors. Prayers/intentions as well as visualizations can be used at the same time. Make sure that you open windows so that the smoke can carry out the negative energy.


Palo Santo

Palo Santo or Palo works the same way that sage does, except that Palo is a sacred wood as opposed to dried plant leaves. Most people think that Palo has a more pleasant scent compared to sage. Do the same thing with the Palo that you would for the sage, and of course, all previous actions can be used simultaneously.


Florida Water

Florida Water typically refers to a brand of cologne that is said to have energy cleansing properties. Some people choose to make their own by hand, and there are plenty recipes online to do so. Florida water can be used in baths, used to clean floors, walls, and other fixtures/objects, and sprayed or sprinkled around a person or space. 



Crystals have numerous properties and there are quite a few that provide protection and the absorption of negativity. My favorites for this purpose are black tourmaline and selenite. Both of these provide extremely powerful protection while helping to unblock any stagnant energy. Think of these as a bodyguard and guardian angel duo. Once you and a space have been cleansed (through the methods outlined above) keep these crystals on your person, or keep them in the corners of any room. 



Technically, salt is a type of crystal, but I listed it separately because it can be used differently from the typical crystal. Salt is known for having healing, protection, and purifying properties. Salt absorbs energy. It can be sprinkled in doorways and thresholds, or around the perimeter of any space (indoors or outdoors). Bowls of salt can be used to absorb the negativity in a space like a bedroom (throw this salt out, don't use it again for anything). Salt water can be used in baths or used to clean a space. People also use Himalayan salt lamps to calm the energy in a room. 



Colors associated with candles can be helpful when removing negativity and enforcing positivity. Burning white candles can bring the energy of healing, protection, and purification. Black candles neutralize negative energy and provides protection as well. Glass-encased candles are great for this purpose, as they burn slowly and in a more controlled way, lasting longer and able to burn clean instead of leaving melted wax behind. 



The energy of sound can be used to banish bad vibes and infuse positive ones. Options for these sounds are bells, singing bowls, instruments, or music that evokes a positive response. Some believe that snapping fingers, clapping hands, and stomping feet can also help to loosen up stagnant energy and move it out of the space. Continue the sound until the energy in the space feels better. 


Last thing: If you've done all these things, and you or space still feels....weird? Strange things are still happening and you still can't seem to shake that heaviness? You might need to consult a professional - someone who is trained and experienced with energy and spirit work. In the meantime, you are not completely out of control. What can you do? Keep your energy up. Try your best to be more positive than others are negative. Walk around in a bubble of white light. Politely refuse physical touch if something doesn't feel right about it. Keeping your vibe high, especially in the presence of low-vibe people, require practice and deliberate effort. With time and consistency, you can impart your positivity on every person and place you encounter.