Your Yoni: Would Your Recognize Yours in a Line Up?

Your Yoni: Would You Recognize Yours in a Line Up? |

This post is NSFW just in case you're slacking at your desk. (Just saying. The do-everything-at-work-but-work struggle is real.)


Here at Black Girl Bliss, one thing you're going to get to know is yourself. There are going to be A LOT of posts dedicated to one thing: Your vagina. 


Coochie, Yoni, Vag, Cunt, Pussy, Snatch, Pink Taco, Juice Box, Punanny, Ill Nana, Wet-Wet, whatever you call it, you need to know about it. 


Why? Because it is the one part of our body that we have been socially forbidden to explore. With the half-assed sex education in this country, it's a wonder we even know where it is or what it does.


I realized this when I heard a group of women, all in their 40s, debating "which hole your pee comes from." Sadly, none of them were correct. Seriously. Not a single one of them. Some thought it came out of the vagina itself. The place where the penis goes in and the baby comes out. Some of them said they "peed through the clit".


This is a real story, y'all.


NONE OF THEM even mentioned the word "urethra". You know, the actual place that urine comes from. (And if you didn't know that before, you're welcome.)


I figured, if middle aged women with husbands and children didn't know the basics ins and outs of their anatomy, what might young women be lacking in knowledge about their bodies? The idea makes me nervous to say the very least. 


The first thing I thought of was how many times as a child I took a mirror and peered at my own kitty kat. I was young, young enough for no one to have had "the talk" with me yet. But I was curious about this thing between my thighs that only received any attention during bath time and trips to the potty. What was all that? I didn't know. But as I got older, I made it a point to find out. As it turns out, I never got "the talk", even when Aunt Flo made her first visit to my ten-year-old temple. Thank heavens I grew up in the age of Google (and knowing how to clear the search history). I was the friend in middle school that cleared up all the silly ideas and wive's tales and rumors the others girls had about vaginas and their functions. It was as if they had never even thought about them before right then! 


Even into college, I was meeting women who couldn't bear to even say the name of their body parts aloud, and felt they didn't need to know anything about it because they fully expected their male partners to know all the details about their inside parts (it was horrifying, really). I was blown away by just how much women were unaware of themselves and their bodies. 


Fast forward to present, and every day I hear a wild idea from a woman about a vagina I just think to myself:


"You probably wouldn't know your coochie if it was looking you in the face."


Think about it. If there was a line up of va-jay-jay photographs on a wall, would you be able to pick yours out? Who's seen your vagina more, you, your partner,  or the gynecologist? (I'm praying fervently that no one tells me they've never been to the gynecologist. He/she is your coochie friend!) 


I'm charging every woman who reads this post to GO LOOK AT YOUR COOCH! Open it up. Get all the way in there. REALLY see that thang, girl. Get comfortable looking at YOUR body. It is not dirty, it is not shameful, it is not sinful to be aware of every single part of your body. How can you share a part of yourself that you don't know with anyone else? How will you know what your yoni needs? How will you know when she's not feeling well and needs some medical attention?


Grab a mirror and get to know your friend downstairs. 


More stories and tips on yoni care are forthcoming. Enjoy!