She Tried It! My Adventures in the World of...Sunbathing


One of my favorite books is You Look Like Something Blooming by India Ame'ye.

In this book chock full of divine feminine self-care practices, she talks about how she would go out in nature, undress, and let the sun shine on every single part of her. She calls it an "air bath"

Naturally, I wanted to try it.

India is all about bringing pleasure to your daily life, feeling that pleasure through every part of yourself and allowing it to heal you. Now I am not nearly as brave as her (yet) so actually going outside with no clothes was not going to happen (though she does give tips on how to be discreet about it). But I really liked the idea of getting "charged up" and touched by the sun, especially on all the parts that are always covered.

In an effort to really be about sensual, wild, delicious, radical self-care, I had to figure out how to do this thing.

I have a pretty sunny apartment but no balcony. I figured I could use my bedroom window since it has nearly direct sunlight in the mornings. After a shower, I lay on my bed with the window open, feeling the sun on all of my skin. India recommends slapping your ass and thighs to knock loose all the energetic juju the body takes on from day to day. So I did. I took turns flipping over to my front and back sides and just letting the sun shine on everything. She also insists that you allow the sun and the window to get into all the nooks and crannies of yourself so I opened my legs, did some stretches, and the few basic yoga poses I knew.

After about 20 minutes I decided that was enough for today. It's strange to describe how I felt. It was as if I had just taken a refreshing nap, combined with that feminine, smiling, seductive arousal that shows up when you're flirting or find yourself in front of someone you really like. But there was no one.

India talks about experiencing life as one prolonged orgasmic experience and that's how I spent the rest of my day. In state of.....pleasure. Juicy and nourished and gleeful and free. If this is how India feels every single goodness. I felt like I was truly occupying my body, my space, and all of my sensual nature.

In short, it was amazing.

All of the feminine charms and rituals in You Look Like Something Blooming are shared to help you cultivate this divine-goddess-feeling within yourself, and use this sacred and sexual energy to heal yourself and your lovers. Breast message, healing herbs, ritual, intention, affirmations, kisses, moans, slaps, licks, sucks, touch....

Juicy stuff, right? Now I'm trying to figure out how I can actually do this outside.

Will you try it?