The Moon and You: Understanding Divine Timing for Self-Care and Magic

The Moon and You: Understanding Divine Timing for Self-Care and Magic |

Full moon, new moon, manifestations, rituals....

Depending on the circles you find yourself in, you might find these terms thrown around quite often. Monthly, actually.

Wondering what all this means? Come sit for a while, and get ready to take notes. 

The Moon and You

Throughout many cultures, the moon is understood to represent the feminine aspects of nature. It is said that a woman's menstruation cycle and the lunar cycle are one in the same (hence, some women and cultures refer to the menstruation cycle as their "moon time".) There are women who regularly begin their menses on or around each full moon and end by the new moon or vice versa (the average length of the entire cycle is about 29.5 days, which is about how long it takes for the moon to orbit Earth. What a coinky-dink.)

During our moon time, we tend to feel more emotional, more intuitive, and more inclined to slow down and rest. This is all normal and should be respected and acknowledged. It is a time to love and nourish yourself, comfort yourself, and become intimate with your body and your emotions. Our moon time is a time of ceremony, as it is often our first rites of passage into womanhood. Many cultures have great celebrations, women-only retreats, and other events to mark the importance and divinity of this sacred time. 

Unfortunately, some women have disconnected from their moon time, as their experiences have been painful, shameful, or just SUPER inconvenient to their lifestyle. Our male-dominated society has made women feel like their cycles are dirty secrets that no one should ever know about or discuss. This disconnection from truth leaves us out of balance, feeling like we "don't have time" to rest or revel in the magic happening within our bodies when really, that's exactly what our bodies are asking us to do. 


Phases of the Moon + How to Work with Them

In addition to our physical connection to the moon, we can learn to use the lunar cycles to plan each moth of our lives, as well as use the energy of each lunar phase to manifest our desires. Using the energy of the different phases of the moon, we can create what we want and make it a reality, and we can finally let go of anything that is no longer serving us, anything holding us back, and release what we do not want to bring with us into the next cycle. 

There are four main phases (we'll keep it simple for beginners): 

  • New moon
  • Waxing moon
  • Full moon
  • Waning moon

It is necessary to know which phase the moon is in to inform your practice. For example, during the new moon, we create rituals where we set our intentions for what we want to receive during this next cycle. As the moon is waxing, or seeming to grow more full, we watch for the fulfillment of our manifestation, noting how we are being guided towards our desires. During the full moon, however, intentions are set for what we wish to release (this is a typical time for women's wombs begin to release their menstrual blood) and do not wish to carry into the next cycle. As the moon wanes, or seems to decrease in size, we watch for signs that what we wished to release is removed or we are guided away from it. 


What to Do + When to Do It

Try to incorporate some of these into your self-care routine each week as a recognition and celebration of your divinely aligned womanhood and to guide your manifestations:


Full moon (or your individual moon time/menstrual cycle)

  • Take a break from the outside world, even if only for a little while. Spend time alone. If you don't feel like going anywhere, don't force yourself. 
  • Journal your feelings and thoughts during this time. Honor your changing moods and work with them, not against them. 
  • Dress in something that makes you feel comfortable and safe
  • Work with red/orange crystals or moonstone. Hold them while meditating on what you wish to release during this time or keep them near you to empower your divine feminine energy and help balance emotions. 
  • Ask for visions or dreams that will answer questions you have during this time. Write it down and refer back to it throughout the next cycle. 
  • Move your body gently, stretching or walking outside can be a way to focus on yourself and your energy during this time. 
  • Feed yourself well. Treat yourself with comfort food if you'd like, but try to incorporate more fruits, veggies, and lots and lots of water. 


Waning Moon (or the week after your moon time)

  • This is still a time for releasing, so think about how you can cleanse yourself and your space. 
  • Cleanse any magical tools and accessories you may use regularly. 
  • Keep in mind things you would like to remove or release and continue ritual and intentions towards these efforts. 
  • This is a time for introspection. How have you gotten where you are? What is affecting you during this time? Are you happy? What do you need to adjust? Journaling is a good way to process these things. 
  • Release, release, release. Use the energy during this phase to end everything that needs to end, get rid of anything that has been frustrating or annoying. 


New Moon

  • This is the time to consider what you are bringing out of yourself. You may find that around this time you are feeling more feminine, more sexual, and more creative. Go with it!
  • Decide what you will begin during this time. This is the time to start new projects and create new habits. 
  • Intend to bring out of yourself what you need most to achieve your goals. 


Waxing Moon

  • The energy during this time is perfect for attracting outside things to you, like money, success, etc. 
  • Create intentions for the people you want to bring into your life
  • Think about the intentions you have set in the past about what you want to do, be, or have. If you have stalled out or given up, set the intention to get back on the wagon.


Ultimately, your self-care and manifestation practice is completely up to you, but you can use the energy of the moon phases to aid in your intentions. 

Happy Moon Time!