Vision Boards: The One Thing You're Doing Wrong

Vision Boards: The One Thing You're Doing Wrong |

Happy New Year!

We made it out of 2016 and we're off to 2017 with new goals, dreams, and drive.

I would be willing to bet money that you or someone you know has created a vision board to illustrate these new desires. And while that's real cute, and the intention behind creating them is powerful, there's one thing you should understand about how to use your vision board to manifest the things you want.

Story time.

I went to a vision board party at the end of 2014. It was an all-day thing, so I had plenty of time to flip through Essence and Black Enterprise and cut out all the things that resonated with me. Some of them were related to my goals, some of them were just things I liked. Like Beyonce. And Oprah. And a couple of really nice outfits.

I added a few things here and there throughout 2015 and waited for the things to pop into my life. That's how vision boards are supposed to work, right? I had a picture of a seaside resort, a Keep Calm and Go Vegan meme that I printed out from Tumblr, an "I <3 MY JOB" photo I found on Google along with the exact place I wanted to work, photos of a cute couple, photos from my dream home, and a photo a receipt found at an ATM that listed over $400,000 as the available balance. I found a photo of a gorgeous girl with an amazing afro and put it up there. And I even included my dream body measurements along with lots of other words and quotes like "Be a seven figure sister!" and "Make $100,000 From Home". A a few more Beyonces because....why not? Dream big, right?. I found a frame for this big sheet of poster board and hung it right up in my living room above my desk. I stared at it often, excited about the life that I was getting ready to manifest.

2015 came and went.

At the end of that year, I was not vegan, had not been on any vacations, managed to get a new job (only after my dream employer rejected me.....3 times.) but hated it, and had nowhere near $400,000 in my account (more like $4, if that). Since I had no money, I did not have any cute outfits. I couldn't even fathom trying to start the process of owning a home, so definitely no dream house, and I was making a little money from home. But just a little. Oh, and I met ULTIMATE DREAM BAE....who turned out to be quite disturbed and made me fear for my life for quite some time. Needless to say, I remained single.

I was so depressed by the end of 2015 that I didn't even attempt to make a new vision board. For what? My life was trash. I was broke, heartbroken, fatter and more unhealthy than I'd ever been, barely able to pay my rent let alone buy a house. (Positively though, my fro FLOURISHED and my edges were abundant. You know, silver linings and shit.)

Then came 2016, and strangely enough, some things started to look up. I found myself surrounded by sisters who loved me (I had a photo of a group of sister-girls laughing and the word LOVE big and bright on my board). I had a boo wasn't perfect but it was a thing. I got more involved with my spiritual practice and found like-minded people to engage with (I had the quote "find your magic" on my board) and I had finally managed to secure the job I really wanted and it was just as amazing as I knew it would be. By the end of the year, I had been invited on vacation.... to a seaside resort.

I'm all for synchronicity, so I didn't question it. But I did wonder what had changed to help me start manifesting the things I wanted.

The only thing that changed was the year.

I didn't actively seek out any of these things because they were posted on my vision board. Things just kind of......showed up. Or occurred to me in a random thought or impulse. It actually took me some time to notice that the things manifesting around me were things that I had put on my vision board in 2014, two years before.

Now here in 2017, I'm much more serious about my entrepreneurial endeavors, working out my finances, and being a homeowner seems much more attainable. I may not have the Mercedes truck I've been lusting after (yet) but that's okay. I know it's coming.

So what do you need to do?

Give it time.

Imagine you put in your order in with a server at a restaurant. You know that you only need to order once, and then you trust that what you want will be on it's was out in an appropriate amount of time (Stay with me with this analogy). You wouldn't change your order every 20 minutes (normally), and you wouldn't expect your server to have your food ready immediately. You know that your pasta or your wings take some time to cook, and if you keep changing your order, the cook has to keep starting over to make sure you get what you want. 

Think of life as a restaurant. Your vision board is like your "server" and the Universe is your "cook".  You go through life seeing things that you want, you put them on your vision board and you expect the Universe to deliver. But if you change your vision board every year and most of what you put there has gone unfulfilled, but you go on to create a brand new one.....the Universe has to start all over bringing you what you want. Manifesting a home or a thriving business is not going to be as quick as cooking up a batch of wings. Allow the appropriate amount of time, changing your mind only when you're certain that you do or do not want something different.

So if you made a vision board for this year, keep it around for a while, especially if it seems like things are taking their sweet time. It's coming. It's coming. It's already yours. Just go with the flow. Go with the thoughts and impulses that seem random and out of nowhere. And see what shows up.