What Makes You Magical? Wrapping Up Magical Black Girl Month

What Makes You Magical? Wrapping Up Magical Black Girl Month | BlackGirlBliss.com

First, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who reads, shares, comments, and likes BGB content. Our community is growing tremendously and it's all because of you! Thank you for showing so much love in these few short months since the official BGB launch. 

Of course, we celebrate the beauty, divinity, accomplishments, and power of women everywhere all year, every year, forever and always. But for now, we'll wrap up Magical Black Girl Month by featuring three of the dozens of BGB readers who submitted what makes them magical.


Name: Shayla Williams

Instagram Profile: www.instagram.com/shaylare

Website: www.shaylare.com

Tell BGB what makes you magical!: What makes me magical is the fact that I am able to persevere even when the odds are against me.


Name: Lashana Pridgen

Instagram Profile: www.instagram.com/ellepridgen

Website: www.sewlcustomproducts.com

Tell BGB what makes you magical!: "SewlCustoms herbal products were first made for personal use during my pregnancy in 2008 when there were very little natural products for hair and skin on the market. After positive results during and postpartum, I decided to share my products in 2013. I make my products very simple with little but effective ingredients so you know exactly what you're using." -Lashana Pridgen, SewlCustomsproducts.com

I believe I am magical because my purpose for my brand is to embrace healthy lifestyles. I am a natural hair advocate and I believe it is important to love yourself, all of yourself for the true you. I also believe it is important to take care of yourself now so you can have a happier, healthier and possibly longer life later. I encourage eating healthy, spreading love, and always keeping a smile on and trying to stay happy no matter what life throws at you. My mantra is "Faith, Patience, Optimism" three words I've been living by before I can remember. I love helping people however I can and I use my Black Girl Magic to do so.


Name: Shayla Tumbling

Instagram Profile: www.instagram.com/shayladtumbling

Website: www.shayladtumbling.com

Tell BGB what makes you magical!: I am the Black Women's Sexuality Empowerment Mentor and an Emotional Wellness Consultant. I am creating spaces for Black Women to become Sexually Empowered & live powerful lives!