So What's a Twin Flame, Anyway?


Not everyone believes in the idea of having only one special person on the planet that they are meant to spend their lives with. However, the concept of twin flames is one that comes up often enough that we as spiritual people should at least consider the possibility, even if we don't think it's true. There are plenty of forces at play in our lives that we may not believe to be true and won't know the truth until we return to the spirit realm. Most of us have the desire to have a life partner in whatever form or fashion. Here, we will discuss what people believe a twin flame is, how a twin flame differs from a soulmate, and what makes people believe they have found theirs.

What is a twin flame?

According to this article at Elite Daily, twin flames are defined as our "true energetic counterpart" of which we only have one. Most of the mythology/theology around this includes a story of the Creator designing one soul and that soul splits into two people who must find each other in the physical realm in order to experience the highest form of love and bring that divine love energy into the world. This theory goes back thousands of years, as it is said the the philosopher Plato talked about twin souls/twin flames back in his day.

How is this different from a soulmate?

It is said that twin flames differ from soulmates in a number of ways. First, soulmates are said to be part of the same soul family, thus there are many of them and you may encounter them in various relationships (friendships, family members, romantic, and otherwise). In soul mate relationships, we feel very close to the other person, and soulmates tend to challenge and learn from each other. Finding a soulmate is said to feel like meeting someone familiar, like you've known them in a past life, while meeting a twin flame feels like meeting yourself in a another person. The biggest difference, it seems, is that the twin flame evokes a deep, unconditional love that isn't necessarily felt with a soulmate relationship. 

How do I know if I've found my twin flame?

The following are some of the most consistent ways that people have recognized their twin flames:

  • Having a psychic connection with each other. You think each other's thoughts, finish each others sentences, you know how they're feeling, what they're about to do, and even meet each other in dreams or have corresponding dreams.

  • They seem to complete you, possessing all the traits you feel you needed to balance yourself out (really, they possess the aspects of you that you have yet to acknowledge, as your twin flame is said to be your reflection).

  • You create a strong bond rather quickly. They feel like a friend you've known forever and your relationship only deepens over time.

  • Your relationship is more than romantic. You have many layers to your relationship and serve in many capacities for the other. Best friends, teacher and student, therapist, healer, etc.

  • Both of you have been through various tests, trials, and awful relationships before coming together. You both have had to learn the lessons required to enter a mature, divinely ordered relationship.

  • With this person you witness your highest desires, but also your worst fears. This relationship is not necessarily comfortable but there is immense growth and evolution that happens for you both to meet the best versions of yourself, as you both need to meet and deal with the parts of you that need to be healed in order for you to experience the love you deserve.

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